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Common Questions for Labor

We will go over these questions during our meeting and I will hand you a packet of information, which will answer these questions in more detail.

1) Cervadil vs. Cytotec

If for some reason one of these are needed, choose Cervadil not Cytotec. In all honesty, there are many more natural options including enemas, the folley method, if offered, and a few other ones that should be used before one of these choices. Remember, you do have options.

2) Epidurals

Below, you will find a link to possible effects with having an epidural. Please know that I am here to support you and whatever decision that you decide to make. I am not pushing you to choose to have labor one way or another. Certain things can occur during labor that are out of your control and very unexpected and some times you may choose to have labor with an epidural, but want support and the comfort of a trained caregiver. Either way and whatever your choice, I am there for you, to support you with any choice that you choose to make.

3) Episiotomy

Recent evidence has shown that episiotimies are not the best choice to use during labor. Research has shown that a routine episiotomy to give the baby 'more' room is not very beneficial and actually has shown alot of long term problems for the woman. Make sure to tell your caregiver that you prefer to tear naturally. The long term benefits of tearing naturally is much better because you are less likely to have athird or fourth degree tear; in addition, healing by a natural tear is much easier and quicker. Dr. JM Thorp, in Episiotomy: Can its routine use be defended?, says, "There is little evidence to support routine use of episiotomy. This procedure may well increase the incidence of third- and fourth-degree lacerations. "

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that episiotomy "is not always necessary" and "should not be considered routine." 

You are less likely to tear if you let your baby bear down naturally and to  not "FORCE" push your baby out.

4) What to do if your water breaks? 

As long as everything (TACO) is normal and it does not appear to have meconium in it, you can call me to talk before calling your doctor.  We will go over this alot more during our meetings; the answer can vary.

5) Bathing your baby?

Ultimately, this is your decision. Personally, I would not recommend it because there are so many benefits to the baby by not bathing him or her, right away.